Date or Diet? Cheque One.

July 27, 2009

Date or Diet?

In the world of dating, exists one conflict that I myself have experienced first hand.  What such dilemma could that be?  To date or diet!!!  The problem is quite simple to address:  how does one maintain a strict diet while dating someone?  Many may argue that it’s easy though most of the population is overweight and a few areas in good health.  In the early 1900’s going out to eat was a rare event.  As the industrial revolution emerged and more people went to work, eating out became a habitual and common thing to do.  This is what has led to the current issue we face now.  Furthermore, rather than focus on the problem I will offer my suggestions to the best of my abilities.  I am no MD but can tell you from first hand experience that dieting and dating are as polar opposites as sand is to silk.

First, communication must be the backbone of making both of these work.  If not, and I am warning you now.  You will either end up fat or alone.  Trust me, neither one of those feels good.  As a general in communicating or negotiating with someone if you state what exactly you are trying to accomplish in the very beginning it is usually easier to obtain.  You may begin the conversation by expressing to your loved one that being fit and healthy is one of your lifetime goals.  It is vital that you go into the details of how much this means to you.  Like a good story, one tends to preserve memories better if they can picture what they are hearing.  Secondly, explain the negative effects or health issues you may be facing, for example:  high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or even the genetic tendencies you may be carrying.  This will set the stay for what the action process.  What I mean by action process is the exact steps and things you will physically do to ensure having a healthy relationship with yourself and your special somebody.  There are usually two situations that rise when you are faced with eating.  The first one is going out to eat.  This is by far the most difficult one to deal with as the temptations of dessert, alcohol, and other toxic carbs come into play.  The solution is PX2.  PX2 is nothing more than a formula for eating out.  Planning- is the first in this two-step process.  You should plans ahead which foods are out of the question and which are not.  I am not suggesting spending copious amounts of time writing what you are going to eat each time you are on a date.  I simply saying know which foods you will eat and which you won’t eat period.  For example, aside from my cheat days I will not eat white carbs or candy.  Therefore, if I am out on a date I will avoid these.  Secondly, portions are the other factor in this formula.  As a general rule avoid eating more food than the size of your hand.  This will help to keep moderation in eye’s view.  Most Americans today are fat because we simply overeat.  Where do you think most of this overeating takes place?  Of course, in social environments such as company dinners, dates, parties, and so forth.  The list goes on and so do the calories.  If you can discipline yourself to following these above 2 rules you will at the very least avoid taking in too many calories.  Some other tips that will ensure you maintain your diet eating out is to avoid late dinners and opt out of consuming desserts.  Order raw veggies and drink water.  Another common misconception is that drinking all those diet drinks are ok.  They are not ok and only fool your brain into thinking it has received sugar.  My last suggestion about eating out is to split your meal with your partner.  Though this may come across as being “cheap” you are really over consuming if you think eating 16 ounces of steak plus all the fixings is great for your stomach.

Eating INN?  In my daily encounters with eating right, nothing has proved more effective than to cook the food yourself.  While this may seem cumbersome by many, it is really a fun an enlightening experience.  The time you save from having to wait to be seated alone is worth it.  Besides, when going out to eat I sometimes feel like I am being treated like a cow.  They make you wait 30mins to a few hours, especially on the weekends, and then rush you out the door.  It is time for America to regain the time spent at home and start cooking.  If you are saying,  “I don’t know how to cook,” well guess neither did I.  We must all start learning from some point.  I am not expert but learning is what makes any journey worth it.  You can both work together to put make a fantastic meal or laugh at how it came out.  Whichever the case may be it makes for an interesting evening.  There are some many ways the evening can go, but one this is for sure there is nothing sexy about feeling full before having sex.  Let’s face it we have all overeaten at one point and it does not make for the best love time feel.  Would you go eat full steak and then go do sprints?  Exactly!!!

These are my tips for dining and staying lean.  I have experimented with both eating in and out.  They can both be done but its best to keep things in the middle.  Therefore, mix things up and alternate them as needed.  The key is to be able to obtain one’s health goals while still being able to dine with your loved one.  Life is too short not have both, give it a try and you may BOTH learn something new.

Jose Castro


Christopher says:

Great post! I recommend cooking for your date at home and showing them your kitchen skills…they willl be impressed.

Lucas says:

Nice tips! I will try to remember not to eat anything larger than my hand.

Great tips! I think I’m going to turn from Borat to stud. 🙂

Coop says:

Hi Jose,
It takes discipline to eat well…either while out at a restaurant or at home. Once you have a strong goal and apply the discipline, you’ll be fine.

Lulu says:

oh yeesssssss i have to agree on the “Being to full before having sex!!” NOT A GOOD FEELING AT ALL! LOL

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