Nicaragua- My experience Revisted

October 1, 2008

Just one of many beautiful view seen in modern day Nicaragua.

Just one of many beautiful view seen in modern day Nicaragua. So I decided to take a trip back to the homeland, Nicaragua. While I could write about my trip for hours, I rather keep this post brief and encourage all to visit. This country is considered the 2nd safest country in Latin America and based on what I saw there I would have to agree. The people were extremely friendly and willing to lend a hand at any given moment. My spanish has gotten rusty and I sure appreciate all the help I received while there.

One the most exciting things I got to do there was go visit El Volcan de Masaya.  This site was simply amazing.  To be able to smell the sulfur and see the rising smoke was nothing more than awesome…and I would say probably not so healthy.  Nicaragua is gaining world wide popularity, in the bottom foto,  I have posted a piece of an article that was published in Inc. Mag Oct, 2008.

Ryan Black enjoys Nica.......

Ryan Black enjoys Nica.......

The article was written by Jess McCuan and briefly touches on the fact that Super CEO Ryan Black(from San Clemente California) will spend about a week doing nothing but surfing in Nicaragua.  This place is exotic but unlike Costa Rica it is not very developed.  It not being developed essentially helps us to have a true experience of a 3rd world country.  I had a blast while I was there and plan to return soon.  This might turn into something I write about often, so if you have an interest in Nicaragua stay posted 🙂

Great Beer

Great Beer

Jose Castro

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