Flip Mino

July 31, 2008









Flip Mino by Pure Digital Technologies

Since the ipod came out I have not seen such a neat and practical toy.  The Flip offers the versatility of a small pocket side video recorder.  I have tested it against my Nikon camera and it performs better.  It is not made to be a super recorder but what makes it so great is the simplistic design.  If you like minimalism than you will love this recorder.  It works off of flash memory so you avoid the issues you would have with moving parts.  I will be posting some videos here soon of my future trips using this device.  Later I will compare it to my canon HV-30 just for the sake of comparison.  

     The flip starts around $129 and the Flip Mino goes for about $149 on Amazon.  This is a must have for anyone interested in taking quick videos on the road.  In summary,  I think this is as cool as the ipod.  It is so easy to use and has a flip-out usb plug built into it.  Live and record your life. 

My next stop NYC again…. Perhaps I will be moving there soon after some min-retirements are complete? 🙂

Jose Castro

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