4th of July Workout with Stan Newton

July 15, 2008


Stan Newton explains the some basic exercise techniques one can use while on the road.  I thought this would be an appropriate link considering I am taking a trip to NYC tomorrow.  In this video we see the use of a few basic exercise tools you can purchase for a grand total of under $50.  The bands are used in replacement of weights and offer significant resistance.  I bought these at   They come in various levels of resistance and they offer various sizes for multiple purposes.  Though I do recommend the use of weights in a regular workout routine,  I do think these serve a practical purpose.  Next,  Stan was using a jump rope that was purchased at Academy for under $5.  You can’t beat a good cardio workout for this price.  The most significant benefit I have noticed with jump roping is that it gets your heart rate up fast.  Many times individuals start a workout slow and never get to a fat burning heart rate.  As far as working out your abs, I would suggest strict dieting first.  Let’s be realistic, if you have over 2 inches of fat covering your abs crunches are only going to make your waist look bigger.  There is not such thing as target fat burning.  This was a myth of the 80’s and early 90’s.  


My Top 3 suggestions for getting Ripped:

  1. Regular cardio program that fluctuates your heart rate through the entire workout.
  2. Low-Carb and Eating Clean.  Lots of water and no carbs after 6pm.
  3. Sticking with your diet and exercise.  Just like the fat did not appear over night nor will it disappear overnight.  There are lots of claims to losing fat fast but the only way to do it the right and healthy way is consistency over periods of time.  Remember,  this is a lifestyle not a quick fix.
I hope this helps some of you out there.  Please feel free to leave your comments and questions.  
Pura Vida,

Jose Castro-Frenzel
Thanks again Stan for taking the time to contribute this to us.  Excuse the low video quality, I did it on a old digital camera.  The next time it will be on the HV-30 by Canon.

Jose Castro


Desiree says:

Lol, I knew that wasn’t a “fake” tattoo!

### Ha, Ha, You know I have to give you a hard time once in a while 🙂


Christopher says:

That looks like my long lost brother…Stan! where have you been buddy, and stop trying to steal my style or Ill wrap that jump rope around your neck and hang you by a noose..buddy!

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