Where the HELL is Matt?

June 29, 2008


What really has added some more desire of explorations is this video.  This video should be an inspiration to everyone.  What a way to live life.  It is critical to travel the world to be able to understand the different cultures.  Most arguments are nothing more than a lack of knowledge by either or both parties.  A deeper understanding of people is achieved at the level by which someone puts themselves in different environments.  Look carefully at all the countries that Matt visited.  What an awesome experience is must be to put yourself out there and learn from the world.  What could you learn from visiting a third world country?  How would you value where you live in comparison to the places you have visited?  All in all the experiences with people you meet will be what hold’s the highest value to yourself.  Money is great but wiser is the man who leverages money to help him experience the world.  What is the most unique experience you have had in a different country?

Jose Castro


Desiree says:

If you really want to know…

My most unique experience was when i was 17 and I spent a month meeting my family for the first time in the Philippines. God, 10 years ago!

I went swimming in a fresh water spring that my uncle owned. Just so you know, it’s far more beautiful in the jungle/province areas of the Philippines. The city is dirty, disorganized and dangerous. The province areas, the country… well, it’s incredible. Anyway, I was swimming in this spring, minding my own business, and realized I was swimming near a water buffalo – a caribou traditionally used for rice farming.

That, and the wild dog walking through the church was pretty interesting.

Go and experience another culture. It changes you.

admin says:

Nice story Des!!!!! I have heard some many interesting things about the Philippines, thus I will make it a point to visit in the near future. Any suggestions on when to travel there?



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