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May 18, 2008


What you see here is salmon grilled on a small bed of brown rice and broccoli.  I had this meal with a small side salad and a glass of Chardonnay.  This meal is very balanced and a healthy dinner time choice.  Salmon is considered some of best protein you can take.  The brown rice contains complex carbs which are used more efficiently by your body.  The broccoli is key for fiber and has lots of other benefits.  The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition stated that broccoli is the number one food to help prevent colon cancer.  Some other benefits included prevention of cataracts and strokes.  These are enough reasons for me to be motivated to consume this funny and odd shaped green veggie.  The wine has its own benefits also, but I just enjoy it with salmon.

As I continue my trek through the world of health I recommend these simple 3 things to follow:

  1. Eats tons of greens, spinach, broccoli, and dark green lettuces.  
  2. Drink lots of cold water.  I personally like room temp but cold is better.
  3. Focus on complex carbs and avoid all white carbs.  Try not to eat any carbs after 5pm if at all possible.  
I followed the above and a few other rules and lost about 20lbs in 2 months last summer.  As of right now I am starting a more strict diet and focusing on pure definition and stamina training.  Men’s Health is also a good resource if you want to stay on the cutting edge of new products and ideas for gaining strength, muscle mass, and reducing fat.  
Furthermore, though many exercises exist, I believe it’s important to focus on a few and do them well.  As you progress through your workouts you can change this up.  For upper body I do: pushups, pull-ups(my favorite), and reverse crunches.  Lower body: lunges, leg extensions, and squats.  Lastly, for cardio I do brazilian jiu-jitus, run(about 3-5 miles), and am about to start swimming.  
These are some of basics that I follow that have helped me in my training.

Jose Castro


jeanstar says:

Mmm delicious :]

RC Barron says:


I’ve heard, from many doctors, that warm or even hot water is best for people suffering from colds, congestion, or flu. So, cold water may be ok for healthy folks, but warm water is the trick if your sick!


I would have to say you are very correct RC. Since I just had my wisdom teeth removed I am going to stick with the warm water and hot tea. I had read a while back that cold water was good if you were trying to lean up as it causes your body to burn more calories to maintain your body temp. I need to research this more. Thanks for commenting and look forward to any further comments you may have in the future.


Jose C.F.

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