May 24, 2008


Friday night and I am uploading pictures of myself.  Hmmm,  I get I am very serious about my diet.  When I was in H.S.  I weighed about 130 pounds and about my sophomore year of college I was up to 205 pounds.  The notion of being huge was always one of my goals, but now after years of being a bit on the heavier side I am through with gaining mass. Alas, my goal is to reach 6-8% bodyfat.  I play lots of sports and have realized that it is better to be strong, quick, and in my opinion lean.  This is a older before pic, but I think it will do the trick.  This diet was started on May 19, 2008, I will follow up this blog on June 30, 2008.  This post is part I.   Dieting has become a more normal thing with each day that passes.  Other than mood swings and a few cravings here and there, I feel leaner.


Moreover, I have been following the advice of 2 individuals, Tim Ferriss has some awesome suggestions on his site, and my best friend Stan Newton.  Cheers to living leaner and I am looking forward to my cheat day, aka calorie freeforall.

Jose Castro

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