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May 22, 2008

Virtual Assistants


I ran into this site not too long ago.  Asksunday is a service provider of virtual assistants.  Basically, what this means to you and I, is that we can create more time by having an assistant at the touch of our fingertips.  I was considering posting this next week after I had tested the four free requests that they offer.  But, after some considerations, I am posting my results thus far.  Asksunday has got me hooked on the buzz of virtual assistants.  I outsourced looking for a good dentist that I was looking for.  Sure, I could have done the research myself but during the day I rather be working or working out.  Next, I decided that calling the customer service line of at&t was a headache that would only raise my blood pressure.  So how did Asksunday fair on this tedious task?  Awesome.  Though they missed a few details, they had the forethought to call me within a few hours so they could recollect any missed data.  Today, AT&T called me and had a service tech come to my apt and handle the issue.  This would have taken me at least an hour on the phone to get this squared away.  I have them preset to number 7 on my mobile.  Yes, you do give up some of your personal info, but you do that in almost any transaction.  They were very cordial and their english was impeccable.  I don’t want to write a book in this blog, so thats all I have to cite…………… I will keep everyone posted!!!!!!!



Jose Castro


ask sunday says:

[…] I ran into this site not too long ago. Asksunday is a service provider of virtual assistants. … Sunday Tasks? They just want to take my money and not work for me …Ask sunday Tasks? They just […]

Sally says:

I tried out Sunday’s services and thought it was an awful experience. Their responses to were too slow and I had difficult trying to cancel my account. Language barriers and dealing with people in India was also a huge let down …

Really? Did you express this to the agents at Ask Sunday? Not all products work well with everyone. I appreciate you sharing your experience as it is always nice to get different views.


Eric says:

Hey Jose, are you still using Ask Sunday, is it working out well for you?

Jeff says:

My experience was negative as well — signed up but never received a confirmation email. FIgured the transaction hadn’t gone thru and just forgot about it until it showed up on my credit card bill. When I contacted them they insisted that they hadn’t charged me (and couldn’t find any record of my having registered). Glad I used a credit card and not a debit card…

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