Combating the Bar/Nightlife

March 17, 2008

 Basically, what to do to keep yourself sane and happy without resorting to the cheesy bar scene.   I have felt at times that being in my mid-twenties I must resort to going out to bars and hanging out with people I don’t know and probably won’t ever meet again.  One may assume that there is nothing wrong with this except the fact that you are a product of your enviroment.  Lots of bad habits come from consistent exposure to these scenes.  Anything from becoming an alcoholic to starting fights are common scenarios are bars that we as society have become accustomed to.   Here is what I propose as some solutions: 

  1.  Plan early morning activities that require a clear sense of thought.  For example, meet with a friend in the morning to discuss a book.  My personal favorite is doing a private lesson of brazilian jiu-jitsu with my friend and mentor Carlos Machado.  
  2. If you are not feeling social go against the grain and go grab a good book and feed your brain.  We all know that this does not seem to occur in the bar scene.
  3. Plan a trip.  At least in this case you will have options to explore different scenes and may even choose not to hit up the local bar scene.
  4. Put together a series of events that are both physically and mentally challenging during the day.  This will discourage your desire for a noisy and smelly bar scene.

These are just a few things I personally have applied to my life.  The bar scene can really be cancerous to your health, it drains bank accounts and leaves you with nothing but a vicious headache in the morning.     

Jose Castro

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