This is a rare interview by Bradley Will with Michael Gerber about entrepreneurism. Many key points are discussed by my personal favorite is the over system of running the business rather than pure technical knowledge. Though, the latter is helpful the former will take you further. ENJOY!!

Gizmodo was the first to break the news of the newest iphone about to emerge. All clues point to this being the newest but only time will tell for sure.  Main Specs:

  • Longer battery life by about 17%
  • Metal encased
  • Square shaped
  • 2 headset plugs
  • higher resolution
  • using OS 4.0 for iphone
  • Smaller inner components

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Great Location in NYC for pizza.  Loved it here!!!   Had some great times with friends here.  Very reasonable prices and open super late!!!!  Chilled and cool people working here!!!!

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